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William Wegman, Cat Kron Live at the Hacienda: Mark E. Smith, Tony Wilson, Jon King, and Stewart Home in conversation The End, Noel Freibert All By Myself: 2012-2013 Calendar Don't Say Please: 2013-2014 Calendar Prison Intake: 2014-2015 Calendar A Pictorial History of Sex in Film Nirvana: Live at Reading, West Street Gallery Alley Oop Florentine Gardens Knackers, Alex Glazov KBP Zines Houston Chronicles, Will Boone Man Ray: Objects de Mon Affection The Kingsboro Press Anthology Vol. I The New York Times Film Review Grab Bag 1986 Book, Megan Plunkett, Alex Gartenfeld Do i G Or wHere do I gO, Chip Hughes PWN Beauty, Notes Towards Prophecy 2011, Erik Lindman and Hunter Hunt-Hendrix KBP for W/: Pipeline "Friendly and Fun" Photographs, Gus Van Sant A Brief Series of Quotes, Jordan Awan 1987-2011 — Fire Island, Miles Houston and Michel Auder Soft Copy, curated by Clare Wohlnick Never Trust Anyone, curated by Brian Faucette Brendan Fowler, Bobbi Woods, Adam Marnie Linder, Jonathan Basile Report on 1993: From the Diane Files: Volume One, Ethan Swan Milano Chow and Dru Donovan