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The Mob, James Vinciguerra Total Control in Los Angeles, DX and Zephyr Pavey Live at the Hacienda: Mark E. Smith, Tony Wilson, Jon King, and Stewart Home in conversation "United Blood" A Bands Worst Nightmare Came True Here, Ethan Swan California Sun, Dee Dee King Alley Cats, Vol. II La Brune et Moi Live in Bruxelles, The Durutti Column Live / L.L. Being, Jeremy Sigler and Ken Seeno Over the Edge Alley Cats, Vol. I PWN Beauty, Notes Towards Prophecy 2011, Erik Lindman and Hunter Hunt-Hendrix Night at the Museum Distort #36: Rikk Agnew Shibboleth: My Revolting Life, Penny Rimbaud Tonight We Try to Die On Purpose: The Broken Promise of Ink & Dagger, Ethan Swan Linder, Jonathan Basile Report on 1993: From the Diane Files: Volume One, Ethan Swan