The Wainwright Naked Hippie Tarot-

The Wainwright Naked Hippie Tarot

In the early 1970s, Jerry Wainwright began work on his own deck of tarot cards, photographing his friends, artists and musicians in San Francisco – nearly always naked, posed in various positions against homemade backdrops and with ad hoc props. Wainwright was a figure in the city’s storied counter-cultural legacy, who, as family-lore tells it, spent time in San Quentin State Prison for manufacturing LSD and may or may not have had a hand in recording Johnny Cash’s infamous performance there in 1969. Here, Wainwright’s tarot photographs are presented in their unedited totality for the first time.

I Call This Enemy The Sun: 2018-2019 Calendar-

I Call This Enemy The Sun: 2018-2019 Calendar

It's always there
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Written in 1983 by Cookie Mueller and Glenn O'Brien, never before published or performed.

The Kingsboro Press Issue 9-

The Kingsboro Press Issue 9

with contributions from Stephanie Boone, Sheila Metzner, Tyler Murphy, James Vinciguerra, Zephyr Pavey, ZAP, TJ Clark, Benjamin Lichtenstein, Chloe Maratta, Cat Kron, Aaron Gemmill, Lane Goldzer, and many more...
Ed. 350

The Kingsboro Press Issue 8-

The Kingsboro Press Issue 8

Featuring work from Becca Albee, Greil Marcus, Noel Friebert, Cat Kron, William Wegman, plus a special "Live at the Hacienda" conversation dug up from the top secret archives, among others.

The Kingsboro Press Issue 7-

The Kingsboro Press Issue 7

Featuring work from Gus van Sant, Michel Auder, Miles Houston, Brian Faucette, Dmitri Hertz, Harry Stephen Keeler, Distort x KBP and Rikk Agnew, Chip Hughes, and Will Boone, among others.

??? Shot glass-

??? Shot glass

For asking the big questions, staring into the void, and inviting the unknown in.

Heart Patch-

Heart Patch

Heat-seal iron-on, made in the USA. Live free and ride or die with the stitched iconography of KBP.
What’s it all about???

The Kingsboro Press Issue 6-

The Kingsboro Press Issue 6

Featuring work from Clare Wohlnick, Ethan Swan, Jordan Awan, Merlin Chowkwanyun, and an extra special tribute to Johnny Thunders by Seth Zucker.

I'm the Moon: 2018 Calendar-

I'm the Moon: 2018 Calendar

It knows just what we are there for...
Ed. ???

It's Coming from Inside the House: 2016-2017 Calendar-

It's Coming from Inside the House: 2016-2017 Calendar

Architectural psychic terror is real in 2017
October 2016-December 2017
Ed. ???

I'm a Loner: 2015-2016 Calendar-

I'm a Loner: 2015-2016 Calendar

Pass the days with all your favorite loners of the silver screen.
October 2015 - December 2016
Ed. ???


Jeremy Sigler


Features 68 turn-of-phrase compositions by poet-artist Jeremy Sigler: concise, titilating, quotidian, sexy, and psychological.
co-published with For The Common Good, 2014
Edition of 350

The Target-

The Target

For fans of: The Wire

Live/L.L. Being-

Live/L.L. Being

12" record, recorded from a live reading from Jeremy Sigler with zesty guitar accompaniment

Alley Cats Vol. 1-

Alley Cats Vol. 1

Tales of excess and gross debauchery. With Andy Blade, Anthony Keidis, Brian Wilson, Dee Dee Ramone, Ed Sanders, Glen Matlock, Jah Wobble, Joe Cole, John Joseph, Johnny Ramone, Keith Richards, Marianne Faithful, Neil Young, Penny Rimabud, Peter Hook, Ray Davies, Steve Ignorant, and Tina Turner.

Alley Cats Vol. 2-

Alley Cats Vol. 2

Even more tales of excess and gross debauchery. With Angela Bowie, Corey Taylor, Cyndi Lauper, Darlene Love, Dean Wareham, Deborah Curtis, Deborah Spungen, Graham Nash, Jeffrey Lee Pierce, Jo Wood, Little Richard, Lydia Lunch, Marilyn Manson, Morrissey, Pamela Des Barres, R. Kelly, Ronnie Spector, RZA, and Vera Ramone King.

Houston Chronicles-

Houston Chronicles

Featuring work from Will Boone, Mark Flood, Charlie Wilhoit and others.